FURNITURE mechanica


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Bespoke concepts and specialist installations to enhance your space

Furniture Mechanica – Using our in-house design skills, CAD and graphic presentation, for communication of innovative ideas and solutions, we make the most of your home with multi-use, multi-function and adaptable spaces and storage.

Living in the modern built environment and especially in the city, is frequently only made affordable with the ever-reducing size of residential units. As prices outpace earnings, properties are made smaller. Compact living requires considered solutions for both the architecture of the building and the internal arrangement of the living spaces – in particular for personal storage. Sadly, this allocation of space for storage is competing with the developers bottom line.

The growing trend toward long-term rental of private storage boxes and units for personal items no longer viably kept at home, demonstrates the increasing pressure we have on home storage. But it can be improved. There is often a good storage opportunity right under your nose!

At Furniture Mechanica we take assessment of every cubic metre in your home and look for ways of making it not just accessible but as easy to use as possible. We make the most of modern fittings and mechanisms. But we also engineer unique solutions to you, for your unique lifestyle.

This furniture does not need to be built-in either. We can use a combination of freestanding pieces of high quality used as a focal point for the room, with some discretely styled architectural format built-in storage that doesn’t compete with the aesthetic of the focal point furniture.


  • You need more storage for everyday items but you have some special pieces of furniture and decorative art you’d like to keep in the room. How can you achieve this without overcrowding or distracting from the design ethos?
  • You have spaces to use for storage but don’t know how to get the best from them. What is the best way to recover storage and is it always possible or desirable?
  • You want some new furniture but you’d like it multi-functional. Indeed, you have not seen what you are looking for anywhere and you’d like some practical advice.
  • There are many styles available and you need to know what goes with what. Really, you want interior design advice for only the storage and furniture parts of your room.
  • You have a lobby or entrance or side room and would like to make the most of storage and functionality. You would like to know if there are options and what the pricing differences are.
  • What advice can we provide you on the practical use of furniture as parts and tools storage, in your garage or car museum/collection?


  • Multi-use rooms – spare bedroom/office - games - mixed media/cinema - drinks bar - relaxation/snug - meditation/therapy room.
  • Under-stair storage.
  • Recesses and niche/alcove storage.
  • Wall panelling and decorative feature walls with lighting.
  • Feature walls for Art work display.
  • Food larder and food storage systems.
  • Boot rooms.
  • Entrances, lobbies, halls and foyers.
  • Utility rooms.
  • Outside cooking/BBQ and transition garden spaces.
  • Basement/loft and multi-use rooms.
  • Bespoke furniture and alternative use/occasional use furniture.
  • Existing cabinet and furniture special use modification.


  • You have bought property in the heart of the City for work or pleasure but you have nowhere to put anything more than your basic minimum.
  • You have a large house with lots of space but nowhere to hide your stuff away – especially the kids stuff !
  • You have a confusing situation with your current interior style using antiques and old furniture which you want to keep, but you’d like to upgrade the room to include modern storage facilities.
  • You have a room you’d like to dedicate to something specific (hobby, activity, person) and would appreciate very specific furniture and storage advice.
  • Downsizing your home means you have lots of things that will no longer fit in your space. You know you have to dispose of some of it, but you’d like advice on the new property and what can reasonably be retained.


  1. Consultation – investigation and initial discussion.
  2. Concept design and idea generation – with guidance on initial costs.
  3. Drawing and visual communications – including real-time sketches, computer CAD and Virtual Reality.
  4. Commissioning the production and manufacturing of bespoke items and designs.
  5. Installation of bespoke items, furniture, products, wall treatments and interior finishes.